10.03 2016

From Summer to NYCC 2016!

YES, The sale will keep going as a THANK YOU, coinciding with New York City Comic Con! So for those who have been meaning to order and waited till the last minute to think about it...Guess what? This "last minute" has been extended!  
07.26 2016


  The San Diego Con is long gone, but the SUMMER SALE continues at Brandstudio Press! Examples of major cool-off discounts for our customers are:$24.95 ➡️ $15.95;$29.95 ➡️ $20.95;$59.95 ➡️ $29.95 ("Eponymonstrous" book); AND MORE, already applie...
03.01 2016

Attending the Big Apple Comic Con 2016!

  For the second year in a row, Brandstudio Press will be at the Big Apple Convention, a ONE-DAY-ONLY event in New York City! View these elusive hardcover books in the flesh March 5th (Saturday) from 10am to 6pm.Major discounts will occur when yo...
12.17 2015

End-Of-Year Sale 2015 - 30% OFF!

  It's that time of year....Gift the gift of good art and hardcover goodness ‬while supporting small businesses! We may even push the sale past the new year, as a THANK YOU to our customers. Happy Holidays from Brandstudio Press!   Cheers,A. Ruiz
09.16 2015

Dynamic Duo Weeklies

Brandstudio Press will be up and running with some Dynamic Duos again! But with a twist:Every week until December, we're putting up a different discounted Duo of top-quality books...$30 for two (unless otherwise stated), when each book usually goe...
06.10 2015

Father's Day Sale & Graduation (Dynamic Duo) Bonus

Our FIRST Father's Day Sale kicks off today! For the most part, what was once $24.95 is now $20, and what was once $29.95 is now $25! It's for a limited time only though--June 22nd, 6pm Eastern Standard Time. And... Daughter of Brandstudio P...
05.14 2015

VACATION (Better Late Than Never)

Congratulations, you have just made the decision to give a Brandstudio Press book as a cherished gift for the lucky newlyweds, or perhaps a recent graduate.   Brandstudio Press will be taking a much-needed vacation from May 13th to May 19th, 2pm...
03.23 2015

Brandstudio Press' Anniverary! With a Special Guest!

  Dolly Parton once said: "It costs a look this cheap." Making the image to celebrate our 8TH BIRTHDAY, we came to the conclusion that taking the graphics down a notch was more difficult than anticipated! You won't find that art downg...
11.22 2014

Dynamic Duo Sale

As a THANK YOU to our loyal customers, and a WELCOME to the new ones, Brandstudio Press has launched our most ambitious sale yet! All book-pairs in the dramatic price decrease are shown here; more details on each Dynamic Duo can be found here, a...
08.30 2014

End-Of-Summer Sale

  The end of the summer is upon us, and with that comes the beginning of a sale. Our entire book inventory—not including IRREGULARS— is $5 OFF! From the big names to the cult classics, our online store has the price changes for ALL TITLES I...
07.06 2014

"One Man's Irregular..." Update to our Store Inventory!

So here's the deal:We have opened our inventory to include books with damaged spines, busted corners (it varies per book), and other imperfections you would not come to expect from Brandstudio Press.We have chosen to not include them in the on...
05.25 2014

The Red Book (ECFS Books 1 & 2 Combined!)

Our online store has long carried the artbooks devoted exclusively to the female figure: "Eye Candy from Strangers, Book 1" and "Eye Candy from Strangers, Book 2." Having both books mashed up, though? Well... Previously available only at conventi...
05.16 2014

The "Why Not?" Sale

We have been receiving letters from art students requesting discounted books for being students.... Um, no need. Because starting today (7 May) we are holding a sale where the entire book inventory is $5 OFF. From the big names to the cult classi...
03.14 2014

The Seven-Year Itch

  Brandstudio Press celebrates another year of life. Thanks to all supporters for these past SEVEN AMAZING YEARS! We're slashing prices of our most treasured gifts to celebrate. Each panel on our cover photo represents a book on sale for a limit...
01.04 2014

New Year, Same Gratitude (Love Letter)

As Brandstudio Press reflects on 2013, we have come full circle, not just with the business, but what has has kept our business strong and good folks like yourself coming back—and that's the artwork. Famed illustrator Shane Glines addressed the i...
12.31 2013

Happy Holidays (and New Year, and Everything Else...)

A gift from Brandstudio Press to you — The following titles are 15% off: Monster Green, by J. Scott Campbell Blue Beauties, by J. Scott Campbell Marvelous, by J. Scott Campbell White Hot, by J. Scott Campbell Code Orange, by J. Scott Campbell (...
11.03 2013

SHOWCASE OF FIVE - November 2013

Due to popular demand, we've done it again. A THANK-YOU to those who participated in our first Five-Book Showcase! We're wasting no time in presenting our next group of randomly-selected books to showcase:     Check out each item individually in ...
10.15 2013

Special Offer for our First SHOWCASE OF FIVE - October 2013

Yo, From today until the end of the month, these 5 books are discounted at 10% off ($2.50 per book)! Prices are discounted at checkout.   Eye Candy for Strangers, Volume One, by Various Artists 10% off - ORIGINAL PRICE: $24.95   Confessions of a...
01.27 2013


Firstly, sincere apologies to those during the holiday season who didn't get our memo and got their prized treasures late. Thanks for your patience and loyal patronage! And now, to kill two birds with one stone: Re-introducing ourselves, while...
12.29 2012

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, you have just made the decision to give a Brandstudio Press book as a cherished gift this holiday season. We salute you. Brandstudio Press will be taking a much-needed break from December 17th to January 3rd. How does this a...